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A retired Intelligence Agent turned private detective helps various threatened clients to equalize the odds.

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original title: The Equalizer

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller


imdb: 8.1

duration: 1h



keywords: detective, privatedetective, spy, redemption, formerspy, newyorkcity, heroism, darkhero, pistol, violence, urbansetting, urbandecay, shootout, englishmanabroad, socialdecay, culttv, machismo, electron



































Robert McCall, one of the best covert operatives in the business became disenchanted with his work in a CIA-like organization known only as "the Company." Seeking redemption for some of his darker exploits, McCall resigned, and offered his services through newspaper ads to people in trouble, who were beyond the help of official channels, like the police. McCall used his skills in espionage and frequently enlisted the help of former colleagues still in the Company to get the job done. He also continued to maintain contact with his friend and former boss, a man known only as Control. A retired Intelligence Agent turned private detective helps various threatened clients to equalize the odds. Your basic James Bond character meets Death Wish; done quite well actually. It's fun to see Robert Lansing, Ron O'neal (Superfly!) and William Zabka (bad guy in both Karate Kid AND Back to School!) in this series. Woodward acted well, with conviction and class. Somewhat formulaic and dated in places-but no matter, so are shows being done right now. By far one of the better ones of the mid-'80s.

***1/2 outta ****, a definate go see. It's not a coincidence that The Equalizer declined in ratings with the election of "A thousand points of light" Bush Sr, serving as a preface to Bill Clinton. Still, with the "superpredator" comment of Hillary Clinton, perhaps The Equalizer can be rebooted on TV, especially with Denzil bringing Edward McCall back to the big screen.

I love the Equalizer TV series, and Edward "Callan" Woodward was the one to sort things out big time, especially in the rotten core of The Big Apple. McCall provided the reassurance that he would deliver justice before we went to bed for the night. No, although they both served in the Malayan War. Callan was a working class former National Serviceman (a British conscripted soldier between 1945-1960) and karate expert who was blackmailed into working for the British intelligence services after being caught robbing banks. McCall was the upper class Anglo-American son of a British Intelligence officer and his American wife who worked for American Intelligence. Robert McCall was the son of a distinguished British Army officer and an American showgirl whom he was ostracized by his family after marrying. His father would later be murdered by a colleague during the Suez campaign whilst Robert McCall was at boarding school, McCall holding a lifelong resentment against his father for their detached relationship. McCall would later join The Agency/Company, a branch of American intelligence which operated both at home and abroad serving in the Malayan War, Vietnam War and the Angolan conflict as well as other Cold War battlegrounds. He is deeply disturbed by his past deeds especially collaborating with Apartheid South Africa and helping to install dictatorships in South and Central America in the fight against communism. He was briefly married and fathered a son, Scott and we later learn he also had an illegitimate daughter with a past lover. In 1985 he became disilluisioned with his profession and left to become a freelance troubleshooter/vigilante.


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